Who We Serve

Who We Serve

We love our clients because their goals and needs are as diverse as they are. At Gen Next Wealth, our goal is to ensure that we emphasize a sense of humanity beyond the dollar sign. Our holistic approach is unique in its nature, but it is completely necessary for our practices. Helping our clients build up a foundation that’s grounded and stable is the ultimate goal. With each client, we take a look at everybody that they are responsible for financially and make sure that everyone is secure. It’s a big task, but it’s one of the most satisfying things you can do for those you care about—including yourself.

To serve our client, the best we have designed our offerings to cater to 4 specific client personas which you can read below.

If you identify with the Young Family Yvette and Fredrick, Retiring-Soon Richard and Sofia, CEO Celia and Bryan Business Owner, or The Young Professional Patricia we would love to speak to learn more about you and your financial journey.

ABOUT The young Family (Yvette and Fredrick)

This happy couple is beginning to learn the struggles that come with more money. They’re transitioning from a 9 to 5 to their dream career after many long hours spent on the grind. Their family is growing. Frederick is focused on making sure their children can attend the college of their dreams. Yvette craves the perfect family home. She envisions a 2-story home, with a backyard and a beautiful garden. And in between, they’d love to take their dream vacation to Europe. All of this is completely achievable, but how do they get there?


  • Financial Planning—creating actionable steps to maintain a lifestyle that suits your family within your means is essential to financial health.
  • Tax Prep and Tax Planning—as your family expands, your taxes become more complicated. We give you the essential documents and help you understand your taxes as they change.
  • College Planning—starting to prepare for your children’s higher education creates a sturdy foundation that will allow for flexibility and long-term success
  • Estate Planning and Implementation—this includes planning from every stage of life including but not limited to Life Insurance policies that fit your needs and College Funds to make sure your children can complete their higher education with ease.

how we exceed The young families expecatations

By utilizing technology and tools that make the onboarding process is easier. This leaves more time to design a financial plan suited for an entire life. Together, we’ll establish a timeline of the young families set goals, including how and when they will achieve them.

ABOUT The Retiring Soon Couple (Richard and Sofia)

These empty-nesters are no strangers to financial planning. They have quite a bit of knowledge on financial planning, but they’re ready to take the next steps before retirement. While they are well-versed in financial planning, they’d like someone to do the busy work for them. They’re trying to make their transition into retirement as easy as possible. A great thing that they’ve done is maintain their retirement fund. It’s garnished a hefty amount, and that’s partially why they’re seeking some help. Richard and Sofia have worked very hard to create their dream lifestyle, and it’d crush them to lose it through poor planning. Also, they have grandchildren that they’re considering heavily in their finances, too. All these two superstars need is a little push in the right direction to make sure they stay on track.


  • Retirement Planning—these two need to make sure they don’t have too much month for their money. They’ve worked tirelessly for what they have, and it’s imperative that they keep it steady well into retirement. We can create a strategy that upholds the lifestyle they’ve gotten so used to without needing to cut many corners.
  • Estate Planning—documenting your entire Estate before retirement eases stress from you and your family. Collecting documents such as your Will and Trusts organizes everything so that your journey to retirement is smooth and fulfilling.


We simplify each step of the process for you so that you can coordinate with your attorney and CPA accordingly. We also provide 401k –IRA rollover assistance so your savings are located in one convenient place. Additionally, we provide guidance with Social Security so that no confusing terminology clouds your decision making.

ABOUT Celia the CEO & Bryan The Business Owner

These inspirational leaders are proud of their achievements, but tackling the issues that come with generational wealth by themselves. They’re learning what the concept of the “Minority Tax” means for them and their families. While they’re thriving and actively living their dream lives, this comes with a set of responsibilities that they need to manage. Celia’s mom needs help paying a few extra bills. She has her own money, but two of Celia’s siblings still live at home. Similarly, Bryan’s younger brother needs help being able to afford his football uniforms and practices. These extra curricular activities are something that he’ll happily do for his sibling, but he’s just getting used to his new level of income. How does he balance taking care of himself and his family? How can Celia pay her bills and her mom’s on time, even now that she’s making a substantial amount of money each month? We can help you navigate generational wealth’s affects on you as a CEO or business owner.


  • Financial Planning—their financial plans will look very different as opposed to Celia and Bryan. While their focus is on their family, it’s held in a much different light. They’re not expanding their respective families, but they’re actively responsible for their family. This is uncharted territory for many budding success stories. Additionally, the cultural impact of finances being taboo largely affects their planning. Partnering with us to help eases the stress and creates a coherent strategy that listens to everybody’s needs.
  • Tax Prep & Planning—establishing a better understanding of taxes at this career level removes a lot of stress and keeps you on track for your goals. CEO’s and business owners have a complicated structure for taxes, and we’ll guide you through it.
  • Investment Management—personalizing your investments ensures that each one aligns with your moral values and your money goes exactly where you want it to.

how we exceed The CEO/Business Owner expecatations

Consulting a financial advisor gives you the tools you need for success. We provide support and grow with The CEO/Business Owner as they excel. Additionally, we streamline the tax process to make it as efficient as it can possibly be. This kind of career-long relationship with a Financial Advisor is need to create a comprehensive plan to reaching desired goals.

ABOUT The Young Professional (PATRICIA)

Patricia is making six figures and is quickly realizing the new responsibilities that come with increased wealth. As a single and successful woman, she wants to make sure that she doesn’t fall into more money more problems. Moreover, she’s living in the city because that’s where all of the good tech jobs are located in and the cost of living is above average. She wants to establish a sustainable lifestyle at this stage so that she can build upon her future. She’s seeking a financial advisor to help her understand how to mange and build her wealth.


  • Financial Planning—she needs to establish a budget that allows her to live within her means while saving money for her future. She also needs to learn how to maintain her credit score, avoid predatory loans, and fully immerse herself in a professional career’s income.
  • Tax Prep & Planning—tackling the responsibilities of new money by thoroughly understanding your taxes positions you one step closer to your long-term goals.
  • Investment Management—beginning your journey with investing with the aid of professional expertise puts you ahead of the learning curve.
  • Consulting—our guidance ensures that you’re on track with every aspect of your finances so that they remain healthy for the duration of your career as it grows with you.

how we exceed the YOUNG PROFESSIONALS expecatations

Expert advice is truly unbeatable when it comes to managing finances. This is especially true for young professionals who have worked hard to reach a current level of success and income. We help the young professional make sense of the confusing terminology and piles of documents so that they can live their best life.

Financial Planning

A comprehensive guide to your financial goals that includes the steps that it takes to achieve them.


Investment Management

An investment strategy that complements your situation, risk tolerance and goals.


Estate Planning

Providing your family with the tools they need for success transcends past your time here.



Receive guidance, advice and service related to your specific defined financial needs and concerns.


Let’s Make This Personal

At Gen Next Wealth, we’re here to get to know you in ways that are much different than other professionals that you may hire for other facets of life. There are fewer topics that are more personal than your finances. We understand that this may be a sensitive subject for our clients. Our approach emphasizes empathy and compassion to a level that makes it feel like you’re working with us.

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