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Wealth Disparities Dispelled with Education

GenNext Wealth is transforming wealth for marginalized people across the country.

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GenNext Wealth is more than just financial advisors.

We are on a mission to change the complexion of wealth, empowering families and dispelling legacy belief systems with compassion, education and awareness. Check out Minority Money for empowering insights into finances and the financial system.


A Better Alternative in Investing with Shana Sissel, CAIA

There comes a season in life where you’ve planned everything out and your course seems to be going in a straight line and suddenly, everything goes wayward. Challenges begin to
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Bucket Days to Wealth & Financial Freedom with Andre Albritton

To be able to build wealth, you need to begin with a holistic approach to financial planning that is simple enough so you’ll stick with it through up and down
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Planning Your Life & Finances – a 2022 Mashup!

We’re about to enter the 4th quarter of 2022! How have you been doing so far? We have curated some of the episode highlights from the earlier part of the
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Successful Career Shifting in your 40’s with Tamara White Hutchinson

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you want to make a change and uplevel your skills, you can do it! Tamara White Hutchinson is a public relations and
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Keeping Up & Taking Advantage of the Economic Inflation with Maricela Miles-Mattingly

For the first time ever, we have a global pandemic that shut the world down. This fueled the annual economic inflation rate in the US to slow down more than
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Advancing Financial Technology Through Equal Representation with Nicole Casperson

So much has been said about equality of representation and its influence, not just within the financial technology industry, but the society as a whole. However, looking at statistics,  reality
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Emlen Miles-Mattingly and GenNext Wealth are empowering families towards generational wealth and engaging underrepresented wealth managers and financial planners towards professional empowerment.

Wealth managers and financial planners of color and from all marginalized groups are gaining voice and traction and increasing representation. Emlen, GenNext Wealth and this growing network are advocating sound financial practices for all, challenging prevailing perspectives through these growing networks of innovative financial professionals. Through compassion, collegiality and communication, this network of dedicated planners and wealth managers are innovating, challenging and changing the complexion of wealth across the industry and across the country.

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