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Gen Next Wealth is helping people go on a journey towards a retirement that's not just planned, but passionately crafted according to your dreams and aspirations.

Tune in now to catch all the valuable insights, expert interviews, and stories that will inspire you on your retirement journey.


We are on a mission to empower and inspire people to achieve the retirement of their dreams. We are dedicated to providing you with expert guidance, actionable insights, and real-life stories that will pave the way for a retirement that's not just well-planned but also deeply fulfilling.


EP20. Retirement Income Planning: Leveraging Pensions, Social Security, and Portfolio Assets

In this episode, we delved into the essential considerations for retirement income planning. We emphasized the importance of understanding where your income will come from after retiring. The episode highlighted
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EP19. Remember Your Why in Retirement

Join us in this insightful episode as we explore the profound significance of remembering your retirement “why.” This discussion delves into the crucial aspect of connecting with your purpose in
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EP. 18 Deciding Where to Retire: Tips for Finding Your Ideal Retirement Location

Deciding Where to Retire: Tips for Finding Your Ideal Retirement Location In this episode, we invite you on a journey to explore the crucial question for a fulfilling retirement life:
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EP. 17 Secure Act 2.0: Major Updates Affecting Retirement Planning from 2024

Secure Act 2.0 in 2024 The Secure Act 2.0 introduces significant changes aimed at enhancing retirement planning and providing financial assistance in various situations. These updates offer potential benefits for
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EP16. Roth Conversion Strategy: 4 Essential Factors for Tax-Free Growth and Retirement Planning

This episode discusses the potential benefits of a Roth conversion and highlights four key factors to consider when preparing for this financial strategy. From understanding the tax implications of your
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EP15. Making the Most of Retirement: Planning for Your Best Year Yet

Are you living your best retirement? In this video, Emlen Miles-Mattingly discusses how to make the most out of your retirement years and shares practical tips for enjoying retirement to
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Emlen Miles-Mattingly and GenNext Wealth are empowering families towards generational wealth and engaging underrepresented wealth managers and financial planners towards professional empowerment.

Wealth managers and financial planners of color and from all marginalized groups are gaining voice and traction and increasing representation. Emlen, GenNext Wealth and this growing network are advocating sound financial practices for all, challenging prevailing perspectives through these growing networks of innovative financial professionals. Through compassion, collegiality and communication, this network of dedicated planners and wealth managers are innovating, challenging and changing the complexion of wealth across the industry and across the country.