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Gen Next Wealth is helping people go on a journey towards a retirement that's not just planned, but passionately crafted according to your dreams and aspirations.

Tune in now to catch all the valuable insights, expert interviews, and stories that will inspire you on your retirement journey.


We are on a mission to empower and inspire people to achieve the retirement of their dreams. We are dedicated to providing you with expert guidance, actionable insights, and real-life stories that will pave the way for a retirement that's not just well-planned but also deeply fulfilling.


Ep. 5 4% Withdrawal: Is It Enough?

When we retire, we often wonder how we can sustain our lifestyle for the rest of our lives with the savings we have. In this episode, we’ll discuss many guidelines
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Ep. 4 Is $1,000,000 Enough to Retire?

How far would 1 million go in retirement? In the past, a million dollars would have been sufficient for a comfortable retirement. Let’s explore in this episode if this still
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Ep. 3 Social Security 62, 65, 67, 70?

We often overlook the significance of social security as we age or make the transition to retirement. However, understanding its importance can greatly benefit us later in life. In this
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Ep. 2 Emotional & Psychological Challenges During Retirement

Majority of people believe that retirement is a time for relaxation and freedom from daily life worries, however, retirees often discover they still face various challenges during this period. In
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Ep. 1 Transitioning to Retirement

We all experience transitions in life. From studying to having a job, and after years of working, we will inevitably be transitioning to retirement. In this episode, we will discuss
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Welcome to the Hello Retirement Podcast

Welcome to the Hello Retirement podcast, your partner in preparing for a joyful retirement. Retirement brings with it a lot of questions, concerns, and excitement. Together, we’ll explore common worries
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Emlen Miles-Mattingly and GenNext Wealth are empowering families towards generational wealth and engaging underrepresented wealth managers and financial planners towards professional empowerment.

Wealth managers and financial planners of color and from all marginalized groups are gaining voice and traction and increasing representation. Emlen, GenNext Wealth and this growing network are advocating sound financial practices for all, challenging prevailing perspectives through these growing networks of innovative financial professionals. Through compassion, collegiality and communication, this network of dedicated planners and wealth managers are innovating, challenging and changing the complexion of wealth across the industry and across the country.

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