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Wealth Disparities Dispelled with Education

GenNext Wealth is transforming wealth for marginalized people across the country.

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GenNext Wealth is more than just financial advisors.

We are on a mission to change the complexion of wealth, empowering families and dispelling legacy belief systems with compassion, education and awareness. Check out Minority Money for empowering insights into finances and the financial system.


The Difference Between Price and Cost
We often get caught up in the idea of making big purchases without fully considering the costs associated with them. In this episode we will explore the difference between price
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Building Healthy Financial Habits & Principles for Future Generations
What financial advice would you give to your younger self or your children? In this episode, I’ll discuss principles for teaching young people about money. These include paying oneself first,
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Removing Obstacles and Distractions for Financial Success
As we near the end of the year’s first quarter, let’s reflect on the goals we have accomplished and those we still aim to achieve.  In this episode, we’ll talk
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Spring Cleaning Your Finances: Tips for a Financial Fresh Start
Spring has arrived, and it’s time to freshen up more than just your home! Why not give your finances a much-needed clean-up?  Join me in this episode as we dive
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The Ripple Effect of Silicon Valley Bank’s Collapse
Businesses beware: The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank sends a stark reminder of the impact a bank failure can have.  In this episode, we explore the far-reaching consequences of the
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Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance right for me?
The power of insurance should never be underestimated. But how about we dig deeper into what insurances do and realign them with your financial goals? Today’s episode is about Indexed
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Emlen Miles-Mattingly and GenNext Wealth are empowering families towards generational wealth and engaging underrepresented wealth managers and financial planners towards professional empowerment.

Wealth managers and financial planners of color and from all marginalized groups are gaining voice and traction and increasing representation. Emlen, GenNext Wealth and this growing network are advocating sound financial practices for all, challenging prevailing perspectives through these growing networks of innovative financial professionals. Through compassion, collegiality and communication, this network of dedicated planners and wealth managers are innovating, challenging and changing the complexion of wealth across the industry and across the country.

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