Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Your success is our success. We are determined to help you understand your finances in new ways. Our holistic approach personalizes each case and analyzes your specific needs to curate the perfect strategy for your success. Having a balance between your ideal lifestyle and healthy finances is a large task, but it is completely doable. This is especially true as you make large transitional changes to your life. These milestones are worth celebrating, but they also come with new responsibilities that we can help you manage.

Our services are designed to allow clients with any level of expertise in financial planning to thrive. We’ll work together to create and manage a strategy that changes with you, and not against you while avoiding practices that end up being harmful. We emphasize the humanity above all else.

Let’s build a legacy of WEALTH not debt.– Emlen Miles- Mattingly CEO & Financial Advisor

It’s like coming home

At Gen Next Wealth, we treat you like family. That means that we understand the cultural elements that go into finances. Did your parents make sure that nobody outside of your household knew of your struggles? You’re not alone there. In fact, this is so common that we actively encourage our clients to change their mindset with money. Money is a tool that is supposed to help you. It should not be the other way around. While you’re constantly striving to live the best life you can within your means, you also need to make sure that you can comfortably discuss your finances and the issues you may be having with them.

More Money? No problem.

We’ll never use confusing jargon to explain your finances to you. Everything we do is to make you more confident and comfortable with where you’re at. Using fancy terminology to explain it all would be counterproductive. Additionally, if you’re newly successful (congratulations!), we’d need to make sure that you have a strategy beyond monthly spending. Tax documents and planning can get lost in translation for newly successful professionals. This is especially true for those who’ve just graduated college and are entering their industry for the first time. We’re here to help you build upon your hard-earned success by creating seamless strategies for your finances in all aspects.

Are you the first College Graduate or High Income Earner in your family?

People of color are systemically affected by generational wealth. If you have a general understanding of the “Minority Tax,” or if you’re just learning about it, we’re here to help you redistribute your new wealth. Taking care of your family doesn’t have to mean putting your own needs on the backburner. You don’t have to sacrifice your own goals to take care of others. When you partner with us, we’re able to help you evenly distribute your wealth while actively reaching your own goals. This means that you can become even more successful and take your family to even greater heights. 

Financial Planning

A comprehensive guide to your financial goals that includes the steps that it takes to achieve them.


Investment Management

An investment strategy that complements your situation, risk tolerance and goals.


Estate Planning

Providing your family with the tools they need for success transcends past your time here.



Receive guidance, advice and service related to your specific defined financial needs and concerns.


Let’s Make This Personal

At Gen Next Wealth, we’re here to get to know you in ways that are much different than other professionals that you may hire for other facets of life. There are fewer topics that are more personal than your finances. We understand that this may be a sensitive subject for our clients. Our approach emphasizes empathy and compassion to a level that makes it feel like you’re working with us.

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