Investment Management

Investment Management

When you come to Gen Next Wealth, you are entering the process with your family in mind. You want to make sure that they are secure in their finances because you are secure within yours. Therefore, we treat you like family. Financial planning goes far beyond the dollar sign. This is the foundation that you use to build upon your future, and your future generations. Investment management is new territory for many people. It’s easy to assume that investment is only for the wealthy. This is not the case. Understanding investments is crucial in terms of maintaining financial health. We give you the tools you need to stay on top of things.

Generational Wealth

Here are the facts: At $171,000, the net worth of a typical white family is nearly ten times greater than that of a Black family ($17,150) in 2016 (ref.


People of color are systemically impacted by the affects of generational wealth. We understand this at a personal level and aim to ensure that you and your family are taken care of for generations to come. Ending a cycle of harm from a system that lacks empathy is a major player in what we do. We make sure that you’re not a victim to predatory loans and offers from companies that care about making quick cash at your expense. Additionally, we give you the tools you need to build and manage your credit. This way, you can make investments with ease and secure the future you desire.


While we actively create investments that align with your personal values, we also instill the knowledge that you need to create a stable financial environment for your loved ones. Your family becomes our family, and their needs are just as important to us as yours –because their needs are your needs. This is all an endless cycle, and we want to make sure that it is a positive and uplifting one.

Ethical Investments

Building your investment portfolio comes with several layers to consider. If you’re investing into a company, it’s important to know exactly where your money is going. Does the company align with your values to the closest possible extent? There are specifics that are easy to miss when choosing companies to invest in. Part of our job is to do the tough research for you.


There are lots of practices that businesses participate in that most of us do not see. These things are not heavily publicized, not necessarily because the company is hiding anything, but because that’s not what they’re trying to sell you. They want you to buy their products, and potentially invest further. We care about where your money goes just as much as you do. Allow us to do the heavy lifting for you.

Investment Goals

Risk Tolerance

Investment Strategy

Investment research

Investment analysis

Investment selection

Our professional knowledge aligns your financial goals with your personal values. Our commitment to you extends to the long-term. We’re invested in your investments.

A regular cycle is implemented to maintain clients’ investments. Each case is different, and circumstantial changes can drastically affect your investments’ health and benefits to you. Therefore, qualitative discussions emphasizing effective communication are necessary to help you create the perfect balance for your financial wellbeing.

Investment Management Advisor fees (annual) range from .60% to 1.25%, varying with platform and investment structure. See Investment Fee schedule for details. Financial planning services are not included, however certain engagements may include targeted financial advice.

Let’s Make This Personal

At Gen Next Wealth, we’re here to get to know you in ways that are much different than other professionals that you may hire for other facets of life. There are fewer topics that are more personal than your finances. We understand that this may be a sensitive subject for our clients. Our approach emphasizes empathy and compassion to a level that makes it feel like you’re working with us.

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