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financial planning

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

We transform perspectives on wealth, empowering people of color to successful money management and strategies for generational wealth.

Systems have been designed to negatively impact minorities, creating obvious wealth gaps and harmful generational perspectives towards money and wealth management. GenNext Wealth is changing this. Through education, accessibility and understanding we are changing the complexion of wealth, creating habits, practices and plans which will create lasting generational wealth for people of color.

People of color have been financially sidelined.


Addressing Disparities with Compassion

We provide insights into long held beliefs, challenging historically ingrained differences in wealth with understanding and compassion. The steps are simple, ideas are practical and it’s all oriented to your goals, hopes and dreams. From tax advisement and preparation, to cash flow planning, employee benefits, retirement and college saving strategies, we are your trusted partner in your financial success.

our six-step Planning Process

Get Acquainted

The first step on your journey to financial thriving and generational wealth is an introduction. We’ll get a call scheduled and you’ll get to know us, our philosophy and our approach to wealth management. We’ll give you some ideas to consider, some observations to weigh, about wealth and financial planning, before we take the next step to a commitment.

Think On It

When you’ve had some time to consider our approach, and you’re inclined to move ahead, we’ll make the arrangement formal. Together we’ll confirm our commitment to financial excellence and then we’ll get our bearings.

Your Financial GPS

The next phase is our discovery and onboarding phase. We like to call it our “Client GPS” because we can’t know where we’re going unless we know where we’re at. We’re not correcting course or behavior, just getting a better understanding of where you are with your finances.

Goals in Context

Once we’ve got our bearings and know just where we stand, we’ll have a cash-flow analysis and goals meeting. This is where we get into the details of your income, obligations, debts, assets and liquidity – the good stuff. We’ll look at everything in the context of your life, your family, your goals and dreams. To keep us on track, we set the goals and prepare for our plan.

Detailed Plans

After we’ve clearly identified your goals, it’s our turn to deliver a plan to reach those goals. This usually takes around 30 days to formulate, and includes clarity on your top goals as well as the steps and objectives to meet them.

Get Moving

From there, we implement. We’ll meet at intervals to review goals and objectives, review what we’ve accomplished and set new goals as we meet our earliest objectives.


As an independent, fee-only fiduciary, we are compensated solely by you, our clients. We charge a flat fee for comprehensive financial planning services:

$9,000 per individual/per year

($750 per month)

$12,000 per couple/per year

($1,000 per month)

we are your trusted partner in your financial success.