Estate Planning

Estate Planning

We provide you with the essential documents that are a part of every estate plan. But beyond that, we review them so that you get a comprehensive look into each one’s meaning. An estate plan is complex because there are so many areas to cover. Firstly, you have your own wealth to consider. Secondly, you have to thoroughly understand how to distribute that wealth to future generations so that everyone succeeds. Providing your family with the tools they need for success transcends past your time here. Planning that far into the future can be scary and confusing, but we’re here to help you plan every aspect of your estate with ease.

The Price Of Estate Planning is $1500


Sometimes, people don’t believe that they are at the level where Estate Planning is necessary for them and their goals. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Estate Planning can help with:

  • Providing a professional guide for the confusing elements such as documentation and inventory
  • Properly accounting for your family and each person affected by your Estate Plans
  • Establishing your derivatives such as limiting the power of your attorney or setting up a trust fund
  • Reviewing your beneficiaries such as maintaining the authority over your will and managing your retirement and life insurance accounts
  • Making sense of your state’s individual Estate tax laws

Estate Distribution

Ease your mind knowing that your family is taken care of when you can’t. Properly documenting your will and other Estate necessities ensures that your belongings and assets are distributed accordingly. Your current assets and debts should also be assessed as to regulate these distributions and monitor every aspect of your Estate as changes occur. This means:

  • Estimating future income and accounting for current income
  • Calculating your annual expenses
  • Organizing your tax documents so they’re easily accessible
  • Creating or editing your will, establishing a trust, selecting a Life Insurance policy(or changing your current one), and other potential factors such as tax exclusions

Life Insurance

This is one of those things that you’d rather have and not need, than need and not have. Nobody wants to have to use their life insurance plan. However, life sometimes takes turns that we don’t or can’t anticipate. We want to make sure that you’re prepared for those turns and their affects. It’s important that you have a Life Insurance plan that changes with you, and not against you. We can help you get there with:

  • Choose between Permanent or Term Life Insurance policies depending on which serves you the best at your current situation
  • Estimating your survivor’s basic needs and their expected income
  • Calculating your life insurance and savings as they are now to estimate where they will be in the future

Retirement Planning

Are you transitioning from a 9 to 5 to your dream career? That’s fantastic. We’re sure that you’re excited and nervous to be handling new amounts of money. But it doesn’t have to become something intimidating. We make sure that you don’t have too much month at the end of the money. Living within your means works differently for every individual, so we will personalize your strategy to your career goals and changes. We’ll give you the tools to live comfortably and not worry about outliving your money.

Nobody plans on failing in retirement. However, you’ll be at an advantage by planning for it. If your lifestyle fits within your means, you’re already one step ahead by:

  • Establishing retirement savings or building upon what you already have
  • Choosing a retirement plan that best serves your needs
  • Making sure that your current lifestyle is sustainable for retirement

Let’s Make This Personal

At Gen Next Wealth, we’re here to get to know you in ways that are much different than other professionals that you may hire for other facets of life. There are fewer topics that are more personal than your finances. We understand that this may be a sensitive subject for our clients. Our approach emphasizes empathy and compassion to a level that makes it feel like you’re working with us.

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