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Start saving for your child’s college by estimating how much it may cost. Education is incredibly important. I talk about it regularly on the Minority Money Podcast, and I make sure to prioritize it with financial planning clients. One of the most common questions from parents is: “How much...

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Yes, You Need a Will

Estate planning is one of the most important things we do as financial advisors. It can also be the hardest because it involves thinking about what happens when you die. It’s actually one of the financial planning tasks that I put off, even though I’m a planner and know...

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Bonds: 101

Bonds — also known as fixed income — are one of the main tools investors and advisors use to add stability to an investment portfolio. Nevertheless, how bonds work and how they provide stability remains a mystery to many. So let’s recap some of the basics, including what bonds...

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Stocks: 101

When people ask me about stocks, they mostly want to know my opinion about investing in specific companies. One thing I rarely get asked about, but that’s actually really important, is how stocks work. Stocks are the backbone of a lot of investment portfolios. And while many people know...

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