This episode discusses the potential benefits of a Roth conversion and highlights four key factors to consider when preparing for this financial strategy. From understanding the tax implications of your retirement location to planning for required minimum distributions, Emlen provides valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about your retirement planning. If you’re considering a Roth conversion or want to learn more about its suitability for your financial situation, be sure to watch this episode and share it with someone who might benefit from this valuable information!

Key points:

#1 Consider the impact of state taxes on your retirement income when moving to a different state.

#2 Understand the changes in required minimum distributions and how they can affect your tax situation.

#3 Be aware of the Medicare sur tax and how it may apply to your income.

#4 Explore the tax implications of leaving a financial legacy for your heirs.

#5 Learn about the benefits of donating money to charity in terms of tax implications.

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