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We know finances are personal. We take your financial success personally.

We build personal relationships, advising and educating you to build your confidence in financial decision making, improving your habits around money, for lasting financial wellness.

Our Mission is Your Thriving

To truly empower individuals and families of color through compassion, sound planning and financial education towards thriving financial lives and lasting generational wealth.

With accessible, easy, jargon-free communication, we give you confidence in your financial life and decision making. Through Clarity, Harmony and Focus, we help you and your family create habits of asset building that lead to financial thriving and enriched lifestyles.

About you

Simple Steps for Financial Success

Clients often come to us with new or unique sets of problems. First generation college graduates with healthy career prospects, or successful professionals and business owners looking to manage earnings they’re just getting accustomed to seeing.

Our practical approach to finances provides simple steps for professionals early in their career paths, families looking to support their children’s livelihoods into adulthood, business owners looking to capitalize on success and retirees dreaming of a good life after years of dedication and work.

What we do differently

Creating Confidence, Fostering Financial Wellness and Shaping Your Success

As independent fiduciary and financial advisor, we provide insights, education and planning strategies to address old habits and ingrained inequities in wealth. We are held to the highest standards and are obligated to deliver financial advice in your best interest. We work to inspire you towards truly successful financial management, challenging commonly held beliefs and compassionately addressing a legacy of inequality through individual financial planning and wealth management.


Inspired by Change

Emlen Miles-Mattingly, Founder, President and Senior Advisor of GenNext Wealth and host of the popular podcast Minority Money, is on a mission. Having worked for more than twenty years in finance, Emlen saw a clear need to support wealth management and financial planning for people and families of color. Inspired every day with the potential for change, Emlen thrives on connecting with clients, creating lasting relationships and helping individuals and families realize dreams through sound financial habits, healthy views on money and an inspired awareness towards generational wealth and wealth management. Emlen earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Accounting. From education, experience and passion, Emlen is addressing racial disparities in wealth head-on, providing compassionate education, financial insights and resources to change the complexion of wealth, one family, one generation, at a time.

We guide, advise and educate to build your confidence in making better financial decisions and improving your habits around money, for lasting financial wellness.