Your success is our success. We are determined to help you understand your finances in new ways. Our holistic approach personalizes each case and analyzes your specific needs to curate the perfect strategy for your success. Having a balance between your ideal lifestyle and healthy finances is a large task, but it is completely doable. This is especially true as you make large transitional changes to your life. These milestones are worth celebrating, but they also come with new responsibilities that we can help you manage.

Our services are designed to allow clients with any level of expertise in financial planning to thrive. We’ll work together to create and manage a strategy that changes with you, and not against you while avoiding practices that end up being harmful. We emphasize the humanity above all else.

Gen Next Wealth is here to help build multi-generational wealth.” – Emlen Miles-Mattingly

Our programs are designed to help you make sense of your investments and estates by creating actionable steps to achieve short- and long-term goals. As your life is fluid and ever changing, these goals may change and shift. We’re here to provide ongoing support as these changes occur. It’s important that your financial plans continue to benefit you to the best of their ability. 

The Gen Next Wealth Advantage

The Gen Next Wealth Advantage puts you first. Say goodbye to complexity within financial planning. Your finances are meant to be yours in ways that are easy to comprehend, and we know that each of our clients has varying experience with the subject. That’s why one of our biggest priorities is to make sure that you leave each interaction with confidence in our ability to help you. Financial planning doesn’t need to be overwhelming. In fact, that’s the opposite of what its goal is. Allow yourself to take control over your finances.

When we partner together, your needs are our biggest priority. Your wealth extends to your family, and we want to make sure that you know how to distribute it accordingly. This means many different things for each situation, but we cannot emphasize enough that when you work with us, you’re our family.

It is our Fiduciary Duty to handle your finances with expert care. We are legally required to do what’s best for you. But besides that, we care about your finances because they are yours. And we cannot emphasize enough how much this extends beyond legal liabilities. We will:

  • Make completely unbiased decisions that shape your financial strategy
  • Provide long-term guidance on your finances as they change and grow
  • Disclose how we make money honestly without confusing jargon

As an Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we’re able to take extra steps to personalize your financial strategies and plans. We’re focused on the big picture. Since we’re not bound to anyone or anything, we can accurately give you advice that’s in your best interest. Our holistic approach creates a transparent relationship between us that lasts. We will:

  • Always hold ourselves accountable when it comes to our ongoing relationship
  • Give you advice based on the highest possible level of expertise
  • Keep your money close with an independent custodian instead of an advisor firm

Everything is circumstantial. No one family structure or situation looks the same. This is abundantly clear when giving comprehensive financial advice. Everything from cultural consideration, such as navigating generational wealth and its affects, to planning for a child’s education and life insurance needs to be considered. We will:

  • Utilize every resource possible to make sense of taxes, policies, and investments
  • Align your investments with your personal values
  • Protect you and your investments from any potential disasters through programs such as Life Insurance

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Ep 187: Adopting Alternative Fee Models To Expand Your Clientele And Change The Complexion Of Wealth with Emlen Miles-Mattingly

Emlen Miles-Mattingly is the founder of Gen Next Wealth, an independent RIA based in Madera, California that provides wealth management for 70 client households. Emlen’s goal is to change the complexion of wealth, and he does this by focusing his advisory firm on working with underserved communities of color and moving toward a subscription model instead of traditional assets under management.

Listen in to find out how Emlen structures his monthly subscription business model, as well as how he developed different tiers that all provide a baseline of advice but vary in implementation support. We also discuss how the change in business model is accelerating his growth path, the key question he asks at the beginning of every introductory meeting with clients, the real-world challenges he faces as an advisor of color serving communities of color, and so much more.

For show notes and more visit:

We Need to Talk: Episode 1, 2 &3

We talk about the importance of racial justice and their role on behalf of the black community. We talk about actionable solutions you can do to take action in breaking systemic racism in this country!⠀

Vol. 18 – 3 Ways to Effect Change in Our Communities

Happy Juneteenth! In this episode, we are joined by special guest Emlen Miles-Mattingly. During this time of civil unrest, we are sharing what things we can do to directly effect change. We cover:

    • Buying Black
    • Changing How Individuals Prosper (CHIP)- Directory of Black and Latinx Financial Professionals
    • Investing in Socially Responsible Companies (ESG Investing)
    • How Voting in local elections matter
    • Minority Money Podcast- We Need to Talk Series Black men | Black women | Allies
Listen To The Episode

Love over Hate

Love over Hate – sharing a video from the protest we had in Madera, California where I shared about how it is to really become an ally.⠀

Young Advisors To Watch | Financial Advisor Magazine

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Emlen Miles-Mattingly – Taking off the advisor mask

Emlen Miles-Mattingly, CEO & Founder of Gen Next Wealth, invites us to join him at the table to break bread as he shares the story behind Gen Next Wealth and the importance of cultivating a meaningful client relationship that carries on from one generation to the next.

Ep #198: Providing Multi-Generational Financial Planning to Minority Families – The Career of Emlen Miles-Mattingly

Today, Emlen Miles-Mattingly joins the show to describe how he took his career from bank teller to president and CEO of the successful firm, Gen Next Wealth. We’ll discuss Emlen’s unique niche in providing multi-generational financial planning to minority families and what he is doing to bring diversity to the industry.

Emlen recounts a personal story of how listening to XYPN Radio prompted his decision to break off from his old firm to develop his own business. Listen in to get an in-depth look at how he establishes lasting relationships with his clients and the extensive work he puts in to continue impressively growing his practice.

Minority Money Podcast- Changing The Complexion Of Wealth

Hear the stories that will inspire you to live fully, fit and wealthy
Hi! I’m Emlen. Host and Creator of the Minority Money Podcast.

I’m here to show you through my own experiences, and the experiences of our guests, how you can be part of the movement to change the complexion of wealth.

EP 22: Minorities & Money With Emlen Miles-Mattingly

Let’s call a spade a spade: there’s an extreme wealth gap in the US.

In financial services, many professionals focus is on planning but the planning is much different for those effected by the generational “lack of.” In this episode, Emlen Miles-Mattingly, CEO of Gen Next Wealth talks to us about his mission to change how minorities deal with their financial affairs.

You are #YoungMoney. Enjoy!

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Let’s Make This Personal

At Gen Next Wealth, we’re here to get to know you in ways that are much different than other professionals that you may hire for other facets of life. There are fewer topics that are more personal than your finances. We understand that this may be a sensitive subject for our clients. Our approach emphasizes empathy and compassion to a level that makes it feel like you’re working with us.

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